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  • Alkoxylate Tech Videos

    Alkoxylate Tech Videos

    Stepan understands the challenges a chemist may face when formulating with nonionic surfactants. Our technical video series aims to help develop a better understanding of alkoxylated products. Explore the series here.

  • Formulating a rinse aid?

    Formulating a rinse aid?

    Stepan's New MAKON® NF-180 is well-suited for both elevated- and low-temperature I&I warewash rinse aids and home dishwasher rinse aids.

  • Need a strong degreaser?

    Need a strong degreaser?

    Stepan's New MAKON® UD-Series product line can be used to formulate a wide variety of products, including degreasers, hard surface cleaners and other industrial applications.

  • New U.S. EPA-Approved Direct Release Technology

    New U.S. EPA-Approved Direct Release Technology

    Stepan's BIO-SOFT® DR-Series can bring powerful performance and an improved environmental profile to your outdoor formulations.

  • Looking for a low-foam nonionic surfactant?

    Looking for a low-foam nonionic surfactant?

    Check out Stepan's New EO/PO Block Copolymers product line.

  • Let us help you solve the most interesting challenges

    Let us help you solve the most interesting challenges

    Stepan’s dedicated Alkoxylate Team is in the business of problem solving. Our goal is to listen and learn more about your formulation challenges and help customize a solution that meets your needs.

Let Us Help with Formulation Challenges

Stepan Alkoxylates Team is committed to helping you address the challenges faced when formulating with nonionics. Whether business, sales, R&D chemists or technical service, we are all on a parallel path helping to solve problems, create new products and accelerate our customer’s speed to market.

Stepan is also committed to the development of safe and sustainable products. Learn more about our newest product offerings that can be used in direct release applications that can bring powerful performance to your outdoor formulations.

Want to do a little research before you buy? 

You might be interested in: Stepan’s Alkoxylate Product Guide that includes data such as surface tension, wetting and foaming to help with your product selection.

Suited to Serve a Purpose Well

Low Foam

Dishwasher washingFoam got you down? Stepan has expanded our low-foam product offerings. Learn more about our low-foam nonionics.

Fast Wetters

Worker cleans the Windows with spray in the house . Fast wetting is a key surfactant property that influences the speed of cleaning. Learn more about our fast wetting, low foaming nonionics.


Branched alkoxylates, such as C10 isodecyl and C13 tridecyl alcohol ethoxylates, are known to be effective emulsifiers and solubilizers.

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Stepan Alkoxylates

Stepan Company's MAKON® UD Series is a line of alcohol ethoxylates that can be used in a wide variety of formulated products, including hard surface cleaners, industrial degreasers, industrial laundry and fragranced formulations. Watch the video below to learn more about these high performance additions to our broad portfolio of alkoxylates.

Don't forget to also visit our Tech Video Series for our other videos that address today's formulation challenges.


Biorenewable and Biodegradable

Our plant-based, readily biodegradable BIO-SOFT EC-Series ethoxylates are an option when a more sustainable solution is on your list of “must haves.”


Safer Alternatives

Stepan has CleanGredients®-approved nonionic surfactants that meet U.S. EPA Safer Choice Program criteria without sacrificing performance. Let us help you navigate through Program requirements and formulating options.

NPE Replacement Made Easy

NPE Replacement Made Easy

How about letting Stepan take the hassle out of cleaning, simplify your reformulation process, and streamline your supply chain management? Take a look at our balanced, versatile and simple BIO-SOFT® N-Series blends.


Use Stepan Product Finder to search for a particular alkoxylate product(s) of interest. Stepan Product Finder helps you narrow your selection by choosing one or more of the following filters: region of availability, chemical group, market and applications, Stepan trade name and/or chemical description.