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  • Direct Release Technology

    Direct Release Technology

    Stepan's BIO-SOFT® DR-13 can bring powerful performance and an improved environmental profile to your formulation. This nonionic surfactant was developed to be a strong degreaser with versatility to meet a variety of outdoor cleaning needs. Download our new BIO-SOFT DR-13 Brochure to learn more.

BIO-SOFT DR-13 and BIO-SOFT DR-139 have been reviewed by U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Program, qualify for use in Safer Choice-certified products and meet the direct release screen. These products are effective degreasers, fast wetters, and moderate foamers. Additionally, the handling properties of BIO-SOFT DR-139 benefit from its low pour point and clarity. Whether it be a car wash, boat wash, outdoor cleaner, pressure washer, etc., these versatile nonionic surfactants can help meet your formulating needs.

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