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  • MAKON<sup>®</sup> UD-Series

    MAKON® UD-Series

    Stepan's MAKON UD-Series can be used to formulate a wide variety of products, including degreasers, hard surface cleaners, industrial and institutional laundry, and other functional applications. Download our new MAKON UD Series Brochure to learn more.

The MAKON UD-Series of products are fast wetters due to their C11 branched carbon chain. They are faster wetters than nonylphenol ethoxylates (NP) and tridecyl alcohol ethoxylates (TDA). They also have good initial foam height with fast foam break, useful in applications like industrial clean-in-place and laundry. MAKON UD-6 in particular is an effective degreaser on industrial type soils, and MAKON UD-7 and MAKON UD-8 are ideal for high-concentrate formulations because they do not go through a gel phase in water.


Watch the video to learn more about these high-performance additions to Stepan’s broad alkoxylate portfolio.


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